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240 - Electrician Tool Belt Combo

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This tool belt combo is built with the electrician in mind. Like our other tool belt combos it features our padded support belt. This belt features two pouches that count a total of 27 different pockets. The electrician tool pouch is designed for all of your smaller tools and even has a tape chain on it. The nine pocket pouch has larger pockets for carrying larger tools and supplies.

Also recommended are our air-channel suspenders.

201 - Electrician Tool Pouch
202 - Nine Pocket Pouch
602 - Hammer Holster
604 - Tape Clip
400 - Molded Air-Channel Support Tool Belt
201 - Electrician's Tool Pouch
Width 8 1/2"
Height 8"
Depth 4"
Width 6"
202 - 9 Pocket Pouch
Width 9"
Height 8"
Depth 3"
Width 5"
Height 4 1/2"
Depth 3"
Width 5"
400 - Molded Air Channel Support Tool Belt
Width 2"
Middle Width 6 1/2"
End Width 3"

Olivier F |

Très bonne combinaison, offre un bon support au bas du dos lorsque je travail accroupi et mes outils peuvent être accessible et classer facilement. Me donne la liberté de la personnaliser selon mon utilisation. Good Product ^^
Julio S |

Michael P |

I am very happy with my belt and suspenders.The suspenders make a big difference as before I was using this same belt with extra weight and tools.I can fit a drill holster and bolt bag as well.
Timothy |

This is a great toolbelt. I have just ordered my 3rd one, and the next toolbelt I need will be a Gatorback. It holds up well under abuse.
Erik Washington State |

By far the best tool belt I have ever had and I just got it...looking forward to using it in my new electrical trade. Sturdy, comfy, organized, perfect. if I ever had to buy another belt it would be Gatorback for sure but it looks like this one is going to last a very long time so no need! thank you for quality, service, and a great belt that will help me get the job done without complaining!
Wesley |

very nice tool belt but to bulky to store in any tool box/bag so get ready to get a new larger tool box/bag, also when loaded with all the tools, makes it to heavy to slap on easily so get the suspenders they help alot not alot of slack to add more accessories like the drill holder but other than that good tool belt
Jeff |

Just received my tool pouch combo. This pouch is sweet. Seems like its built to last. The belt is very comfortable. This thing will hold all my hand tools and than some. FYI, if you wear a 31" pant size, dont get the small belt, go with a medium. Im gonna have to exchange mine. Now I gotta wait another week to enjoy it :(
Albertl78 |

Its the best toolbelts That I ever had very highly reccomended
Blake |

Great tool belt. It puts Klein's belts to shame. the suspenders are great. Very comfortable tool belt. Thanks for making a great product
W Blunck |

This is a great tool belt. Better then the Klein's and cheaper. Only issues is the tape holder. I had to cut the bottom of the metal with a Dremel to allow the tape measurer to fully latch. I love this belt, going to buy a carpenter tool belt for home as well.
Samuel |

greatest toolbelt ever. very comfortable, and durable, have had mine for two years now and is still in good condition.
Juan |

A good tool belt, I need a bigger pouch on the exterior, but overall very good and comfortable. The best I have had so far.
Mark |

Your belt is awesome, it's lighter than my old one and the suspenders are great too, I like the removable clips. Thanks so much.