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140 - Carpenter's Tool Belt Combo

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Our most popular tool belt combo is the carpenter's combo. Our sturdy yet comfortable support belt is a must. Also included in this combo are two pouches and a hammer holster. Between the two pouches you have 15 pouches in varying sizes in order to accommodate all of your tools and supplies from nails and utility knives to hammers and measuring tapes.

Also recommended are our air channel suspenders.

* The black and white tool belt combo has slightly larger pouches, so if you have large hands be sure to get this tool belt combo in black with white stitching.

101 - Carpenter's Tool Pouch
102 - Carpenter's Seven Pocket Pouch
602 - Hammer Holster
604 - Tape Clip
400 - Molded Air-Channel Tool Support Belt
101 - Carpenter Tool Pouch
Main Compartment Black and GreenSolid Black
Width 8 1/2" 8 1/2"
Height 8" 8"
Depth 3 1/2" 4"
Outer Pocket Black and GreenSolid Black
Width 4 1/2" 5"
Height 4 1/2" 4 1/2"
Depth 2" 3"
Upper Pocket Black and GreenSolid Black
Width 3 3/4" 5"
102 - 7 Pocket Pouch
Main Compartment Black and GreenSolid Black
Width 9 1/2" 9 1/2"
Height 8" 8"
Depth 3 1/2" 4"
Outer Pocket Black and GreenSolid Black
Width 4 1/2" 5"
Height 4 1/2" 4 1/2"
Depth 2" 3"
Upper Pocket Black and GreenSolid Black
Width 3 3/4" 5"
400 - Molded Air Channel Support Tool Belt
Width 2"
Middle Width 6 1/2"
End Width 3"

MatO |

I have used the 140 combo with suspenders for a week and they are great! They are comfortable and well built. I bought the black with white stitching and the pockets are a very good size. Great bags for the money.
MaJa |

I've been wearing the carpenters combo 140 with a drill holster and suspenders, and replaced the right side electritian pouch for the stock one for 3 weeks and I was compelled to write this review. Even brand new this tool belt setup is amazingly comfortable. I went with the black and white stitching over the normal green based on reviews saying the green nail pouches were very small and hard to get a hand in and I'm glad I did. If the green pouches are smaller than the black it would have been a problem but the black seem like the standard size and for me are perfect. The quality of this product is a 10 in my book. With this rig I have successfully carried (in order right-left) my hand tools in my right side electricians pouch, a tape on the tape clip, drill in holster, hammer, my speed square and gauges and pullers and other trim tools on my left pouch(glue, nails, etc.), and also a paslode nailer hanging from its clip and not been uncomfortable or weighed down. Highly recommend. Couldn't imagine paying any more than the price I paid for an occidental or other high end brand. This belt is very very high end.
Matthias |

Best Tool Belt Ever......
Rick |

I work as a commercial carpenter with metal studs and acoustical ceilings, drywall and other products in my field. I purchased this toolbelt for the wide belt which is nice and for what i thought was large front pouches for screws and rivets. The front pouches are just big enough to hold a standard size chalk box. I can't comfortably fit my hand in them and pull out screws or whatever else i need to put in them. Also not enough room for my tools i need to carry with me. Also purchased the suspenders they are nice. But needless to say i sent back this toolbag combo and was very disappointed in the size and holding capacity of this product.
Roy |

I just picked the tool belt up from the mail - 100 times better then the junk I looked at in the stores around town. I will be sure and tell evryone what a great product and what great service I received from Gatorback!
Darrell |

i am just a regular guy. i have been looking for a reasonable but good tool belt. i have looked at many belts. some quite expensive. but i couldn't justify the cost. this belt is reasonable, made well and it holds an array of things with the pockets you can have. i ordered the suspenders with my belt. they are very comfortable, keep my belt up and my pants. i like that! all in all i am glad i purchased this tool belt.
Randy |

I sent the pouches back as they are too small to comfortably get into. I did keep the padded belt as it feels great and saves my lower back. Even though I returned the pouches, the quality on all of these items is very good.
BD |

I've been roofing for 15 years and have tried many belt and pouch combos.This set up is by far the best yet,comfortable,tough as can be,and worth every penny.You will not find a better deal anywhere.
David |

the one thing that stood out to me was, when loaded to the point that it feels heavy to the hand, strap it on and it feels as though it was almost empty. Must be the padding.
John |

I like the construction of the rig. It is pretty light. Just a couple of recommendations. -1- I am about 5' 9". I think I would get the narrow belt next time. The wide belt is just too big. -2- The sizing of the belt is a little small. I am a 33 waist, but the medium belt is still too small. I should have gotten the larger size. All in all, I like the rig very much.
Mike S |

Good value for money, I am a union carpenter in Pennsylvania. We do mostly metal studs, drywall and acoustical ceilings. These bags are a pretty decent value for the money. I have been through the craftsman leather bags, always pulling loose at rivets near belt loops or wearing through at top of pouch at belt, bottoms wearing through. I have had the 140 combo belt for about 10 months, with a little wear, holds everything I need- pretty much, as I get older I try to work with less tools in the pouches- less weight to hump around all day. Not without a few draw backs though, they are a much wider setup than ordinary pouches, like squeezing through stud walls at 16 inches wide, and turning aroung in tighter spots, originally feels like you are a gunfighter from the old west- arms out to your sides, but have gotten used to them by now I guess. I have worn the bottom out or through the utility knife holder, due to the fact that I use a non-retracting knife- blade is always out. The belt-loop holding the extra belt after fastened has broken- a leather loop- only stapled together. I took off the hammer holder that comes in the back, by your rear end, just don't use it or need it. The hammer holder on the back of the right bag is OK, took some getting used to after years of using leather bags with a loop at the front of the right bag- from Home Depot and Sears. For under $100 - for the whole setup-delivered to your front door it is a good buy, by my standards. Worth trying out.
Jeannot M |

Joel |

Search no more for this is the one. I was not expecting quality to this degree. The design, construction, and materials used are awesome. This tool belt is very durable, practical, and comfortable. The leather strap of the belt and the buckle are very heavy duty. The nylon is very durable. The cushion gator-pattern is soft, comfortable, and eliminates sore spots on the bony areas of the waist. I love the velcro which helps keep the two ends of the belt together while I buckle up, and the velcro that keeps the tool bags from sliding out of position. The tote handles make for easy carrying. I also recommend the 606 molded suspenders, which help compliment, and complete the system. I whole-heartedly recommend this tool belt. I recommend this combo for general construction. Otherwise look into a combo that better suits your needs, or build you own system. But definitely spend your well earned money on a well built product such as the Gatorback tool belt.
Thomas |

For me a tool belt must hold all the things that I need to do a job so I don't have to keep running back and forth to the tool trailer or up and down the ladder for small tools. At this the belt is flawless. The belt is logically laid out and always convenient to get at the stuff that I need right from a combo square to a tape measure to a pencil. But most important to me is to have a belt that you never have to think about while your working. Anyone who has had a slipping belt or one that hides tools knows what I mean. This belt is great because I don't have to think about it. And it's a lot cooler to wear on those hot days because of the air flow pads. God forbid I should lose this belt; I'd have to buy another immediately. Thanks again for a great product.
Adam |

Been about 6 months now and the belt has yet to show any real wear. It's actualy kinda embrasing to be walking around with such a new looking belt. Quality construction. Very comfy. Good pocket size and placement. Outstanding price.